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Total Tekkers Grip Socks

Club Package | Adult | 25 Football grip socks | 50% OFF JANUARY SALE

Club Package | Adult | 25 Football grip socks | 50% OFF JANUARY SALE

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25 Socks package for Clubs

Adults size 7-11

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Total Tekkers Football Grip socks 

Total "T" Technology 

Football grip socks are game-changers for players, offering unrivalled benefits on the field. Engineered with advanced grip technology, these specialised socks provide athletes with enhanced traction and control. Whether making sharp cuts, pivoting, or delivering accurate passes, grip socks for soccer ensure optimal stability, minimising slips and falls. These socks go beyond traditional footwear, boosting performance by optimising agility and ball control. From preventing injuries to amplifying overall gameplay, football grip socks are indispensable for players seeking that competitive edge. Elevate your football performance with the unbeatable grip and support of these innovative socks designed to enhance your every move.

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Why buy Total Tekkers?

Wider Grip Surface

Football grip socks with a wider grip surface offer superior benefits on the pitch. Enhanced traction and stability optimise players' agility, reducing slips and falls. Improved grip also amplifies control over the ball, empowering players to make precise moves. Elevate your performance with the advantage of broader grip coverage.

Reduced Heat Spots

Football grip socks eliminate heat spots through advanced design. Strategically placed grip patterns distribute pressure evenly, preventing friction and discomfort. This ensures seamless play, allowing players to focus solely on their performance. Experience the relief of heat spot-free comfort with these innovative socks on the pitch.

Reduced Blisters

Football grip socks are a shield against blisters. Their friction-reducing technology and moisture-wicking fabrics keep feet dry and comfortable. By minimising rubbing and chafing, these socks provide a blister-free playing experience, enabling players to fully concentrate on the game without the distraction of painful foot issues.

Injury Prevention

Football grip socks act as injury prevention champions. With enhanced traction and stability, they reduce the risk of slips and twists on the pitch. Their supportive design and impact-absorbing features safeguard players from common foot and ankle injuries, promoting safer and more confident gameplay.

Increased Performance

Football grip socks are performance enhancers. Through optimised traction, they boost players' agility and speed, while the improved grip amplifies ball control for more accurate passes and shots. This combination empowers players to elevate their performance, making decisive plays and contributing effectively to their team's success.